Annette Morris

Originally from England, Annette has been living in the south of France since 2008. An experienced web designer and marketing consultant, Annette has always had a love of colour and creativity. Annette fell in love with EHS travel sketching after spending time with Erin on the banks of the beautiful Canal du Midi.

Passionate about the French culture and countryside, Annette’s classes will take you to some lesser known towns and villages of Languedoc. You will visit unusual locations full of history and character; plus discovering local foods and wines will be high on the menu too.

Events with Annette will include sketch stops in characterful cafes, castles and wineries, plus the chance to enjoy plenty of laughs and some fabulous French cuisine along the way!

Erin Hill

Sketch tutoring is my passion.

I’ve sketched all my life. From my background as Art Director in major Ad Agencies, graphic design, fine art and illustration, I’ve pared down the essentials to create the ErinHill Travel Sketching System which we use in all our Schools.

Of course I always painted, drawn and illustrated as well. But sketching is where I’ve come back to. When ErinHill Studio opened in 2011, we began with a small class of people keen to learn to sketch. Many of those students continued every term and as classes grew, have become tutors with the school. As more students discover us, we train new tutors to share our particular brand of travel sketching.

Students need a clear and positive way of learning and the foundation skills of ErinHill Travel Sketching do just that. In a short time people are sketching something around them and feeling delighted. Hardly believing that they’re sketching in their first lesson.

We have a lively group of people from all walks of life who can’t wait to get to their class each week, all bonded by their love of sketching and travelling. We are further connected with our website and Facebook sites showing and sharing the progress every class makes every week.